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Certificate #10254
1000 Piece / $125 Minimum Order
Quality threaded inserts, made in America
Tri-Star Inserts are RoHS Compliant
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Tri-Star Industries, Inc. Company Profile

Custom part design in our Engineering Department.Tri-Star Industries began operations on November 22, 1991. The company was started by Richard A. Manwaring and Andrew Nowakowski. Tri-Star is a manufacturer of threaded inserts for plastic, both standards and specials, and high-volume screw machine products. We offer an extensive product line of threaded inserts for all types of plastic applications. We can provide assistance with technical, application and installation questions, as well as custom designs and insert testing. Our present customer base consists of more than 500 companies from industries that include: automotive, automotive after-market, computer, communications, electronics, hand tools, housewares, medical, military, sporting goods and toys, just to name a few.

Every year your industry grows more competitive. Products are manufactured faster, cheaper, better. Demands are greater, and your customers' requirements are continually changing. What doesn't change is your need for a reliable, competent source for threaded inserts and precision machined products. At Tri-Star Industries, we want to be that source, and we will work hard to earn and maintain your confidence in us.

What is important to you is important to us. At Tri-Star Industries, our top priority is Total Customer Satisfaction. Our program emphasizes:

  Quality – We are registered to ISO 9001, and Statistical Process Control is an integral part of our manufacturing process.
On-time Delivery – Most orders for stock items ship the same day. We are proud that, year after year, we average greater than 98.5% on-time delivery.
Competitive Pricing – Our experienced personnel, the most advanced equipment and highly efficient production methods, combined with blanket order programs, cumulative pricing plans and low minimums, ensure the best price possible for every order.
Customer Service – Our conscientious staff is committed to providing a prompt, courteous response to every customer request. In addition, Tri-Star's extensive database is used by every department, ensuring that all certification, packaging and labeling requirements are met.
Application Engineering – With our expertise in design engineering, plastics and the manufacturing process, we are unsurpassed in the design of cost-effective alternatives for special applications.

We invite you to rely on Tri-Star Industries for the threaded inserts and precision machined products that will help you stay competitive and profitable. We want your business. From design to delivery, we will focus on your total satisfaction. Let us prove it to you.

The Management Team at Tri-Star Industries has an extensive background in manufacturing threaded inserts and screw machine products. Click here to meet our key personnel.

Registration to ISO-9001: (Certificate #10254) was granted on December 8, 1997. We continually maintain our certification to ensure that it is up-to-date (click here to view our current ISO Certification in PDF format). Our pursuit of Total Customer Satisfaction includes extensive use of SPC, short Part Detection on our Davenports, Laser Sorting and ongoing personnel training.
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