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Certificate #10254
1000 Piece / $125 Minimum Order
Quality threaded inserts, made in America
Tri-Star Inserts are RoHS Compliant
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Tri-Star Industries, Inc. Directions to Our Facilities
PacWest Industrial Sales, Inc.
PO Box 2723
Battle Ground, WA 98604
Don Williams
PH: 360-666-1459   FX: 666-1462   CELL: 360-607-4645

PacWest Industrial Sales, Inc. is a manufacturers representative agency with over twenty years of experience in assembly and manufacturing. PacWest represents a variety of companies throughout the Northwest dealing with assembly techniques and related technologies, services, and components. All of which are leaders in their respective fields.
Tri-Star Inserts, Inc. Link to Site Threaded Inserts & Custom Screw Machine Parts
PacWest represents Tri-Star Industries in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Please feel free to call us for local service or contact the factory direct at 1-800-882-8980.

Branson Ultrasonics Corporation

Link to Site Branson is the world leader in plastic joining technologies offering ultrasonic welding, linear and orbital vibration welding, hot plate welding, spin welding, and laser welding systems. Ultrasonic welding systems can be integrated or modular systems and are available in 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 30 kHz, and 40 kHz for welding, staking, swaging, insertion, and spot welding as well as bonding and cutting of thermoplastic films and fabrics.

Branson Precision Cleaning Equipment

Link to Site Branson manufactures a wide variety of equipment for  precision cleaning applications, ranging from tabletop ultrasonic tanks to fully automated aqueous wash/rinse/dry and solvent vapor degreasing systems.
Uson Leak & Flow Testing Equipment Link to Site Uson offers leak testing equipment for pressure decay, vacuum decay, burst, mass flow, and occlusion, as well as sniffers and leak detection devices for medical, automotive, consumer products and packaging applications.
AmTech Link to Site AmTech is the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic metal welding and ultrasonic tube sealing equipment for both plastic and metal tubes.
Industrial Motion Controls, LLC Link to Site Camco and Ferguson indexers, cam driven pick & place systems, precision link conveyors and parts handling equipment.  
Inter-Lakes Machine Bases Link to Site

A complete line of standard as well as custom-made machine bases and frames, dial plates and enclosures.

BalTec Corp. Link to Site Radial riveting equipment and a full line of manual, rack and pinion, toggle, pneumatic and hydro pneumatic presses for pressing, stamping and punching operations.
DEPRAG Link to Site DEPRAG is an assembly equipment manufacturer with over 75 years of experience. Their extensive product line includes handheld air screwdrivers, handheld electric screwdrivers, air motors, industrial tools, automatic feeding and assembly systems.
Performance Feeders, Inc. Link to Site Performance Feeders, Inc. is a custom builder of parts handling systems, vibratory and centrifugal feeders, vibratory tracks, bulk elevators, bulk storage hoppers, placement devices and escapement mechanisms.
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